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Monday 18th January 2021

Cursive Handwriting




Power maths book B - Page 9-11



Activity: Create a cold colours collage of Antarctica's landscape.

-Just work with what you have in your house.

-In my house, I found kitchen roll, tissues, bubble wrap, leftover wrapping paper, plastic packaging and craft paper. 

-You could also use pencils, crayons or paints to colour some sections of your picture or to colour the background and then add the collage materials on top of the background. 

-In my video, I show collaging with small squares and collaging with larger pieces. If using small squares, I recommend using half an A4 piece of paper. 

-Take your time. You can do a bit each day of the week if you want or you can save it for another day if Monday is too busy. 

-Why not get siblings involved - you could work with brothers or sisters and make it a group project. 


I have included some photographs of Antarctica's landscape that you can look at for inspiration. Enjoy! 

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