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Monday 11th May 2020

We filmed some of these videos for last Friday not realising it was a bank holiday.

That is why we say 'have a good weekend' at the end of some of the videos! laugh

RWI Phonics + Reading (approx 20 mins)

English Task (approx 30 mins) 

Handwriting (approx 20 mins)

Vocabulary Ninja - Word of the Day - WATCH AND JOIN IN WITH MRS CRAY

Vocabulary Ninja - Word of the Day - Watch and join in with Mrs Cray

Maths Task (approx 30 mins)

You can print our template below or you can write the sentences in your green book. 
If you are not able to make a balance like Mrs Coyston, you can do the same activity using just your hands, feeling the weight of the two objects. 

Maths - Monday 11th May


Well done 1S! 1S are the winners! 1S had the most children taking the storytime quiz! 

Enjoy Mrs Stollery reading Aaaarrgghh! Spider! 

Don't forget to take the quiz afterwards! Which class will win tomorrow? 

Storytime with Mrs Stollery - Aaaarrgghh! Spider!


Today is Making Monday; each Monday, we will post a creative challenge. These are designed to be open ended and something your children can do independently with whatever resources they have. We'd love for you to share photos of your models/pictures on our sharing wall for your teachers and friends in Yr1 to see - see link below. There's no rush to do this - the link to the sharing wall will remain on this page and on the homepage for the week. 

Have fun! 

Challenge: Can you build, make or draw a London landmark? 

You can use anything you have in your house and be as creative as your like:

- Lego or other construction toys

- Recycled boxes

- Play dough or other craft materials

- Natural materials in the garden (sticks, stones etc)

- Paint/draw/colour a picture 


Whenever you have finished, you can share a photo of your model/picture with your friends and teachers at the link below. There's no rush to finish it/do it today - you could share it anytime this week using the link.