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If your child is in Group A, they will take home all of the printed resources at the end of their first contact day.

If your child is in Group B or Group C DO NOT START these on Monday because their first contact day will be on Tuesday (Group B) and Wednesday (Group C). All of the printed resources will be ready to take home at the end of their contact day.


After 'Contact Day' at school,  you will carry on the work at home and complete the work for 'Follow up day 1' and 'Follow up day 2'.



If you are a Key Worker, your child will get support to complete their follow up work at school.



If your child stays at home, please start on Monday and follow 3 day cycle. 

We will update the website ready for the next 3 days of learning. The next learning cycle will start on Thursday.



Our first little theme is 'Minibeasts'. First, we are going to be learning and writing about bees. 

In the English section, you will find a writing booklet and a teaching guide. Sometimes, there might be some presentations and other resources depending on the planning. Please be aware that this a one ability booklet. You might find that your child will write one sentence or they will need additional paper to carry on writing. 

RWInc and Spellings

Children who are back to school will have a daily RWInc lesson. In the follow up days please use Ruth Miskin's YouTube channel. On the contact day, your child take home 'Spellings and handwriting' sheet.


In maths, there may occasionally be an ability differentiated activity, for example with a number activity if your child is confident working with numbers to 20 and above use the main activity but if your child is more comfortable with 0-10 there is this option too. It is great to challenge children but we want them all to succeed. There will sometimes be an optional extension challenge too.



Fine motor