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Home Learning 1st & 2nd June (FOR CHILDREN IN GROUPS B&C or not attending school)


Choose from the writing activities below;

Choose 1 writing activity if you are in Group B. 

Choose 2 writing activities if you are in Group C or not attending school. 

- Write your news for your teacher 

We haven't seen you in a while. We'd love to know your news.

                  - What have you been up to at home?

                  - Has anything exciting happened in your family?


- Thank you card for parents

Make a card to say thank you to you mum, dad or older sibling for helping you with your home learning so far. 

Use these sentence starters to help you:

- Thank you for… 

- I liked…

- You were best at…


- Find out about another place Fred could visit in his supersonic teleporter. Make and write another postcard from Fred from this place. 


- If you could have any super power, what would it be? 

Draw a picture of yourself with the super power. Write a sentence to tell us what your superhero would be. Why would you want this super power?

This will be our Talking Tuesday Challenge this week so you could post your writing on our Talking Tuesday wall if you choose this activity.  


- What animals (including insects) do you see on your daily walk/in your garden?

Last week's Wonder Wednesday's challenge was to see what animals (including insects) you could find on your walk. Can you draw a picture of and write about the animals you saw/found.


Choose a past video to watch. Choose a sound you need more practise with. 

Click on the link below to go to the RWI videos. 


Over the past two weeks, 1C, 1S and 1JC battled it out to see which class would have the most children taking the story quiz. 


Over the past 2 weeks, 1JC won 2 times, 1C won 3 times and 1S won a whopping 5 times! As 1S won the most times, Mrs Stollery has recorded two more stories for you to watch. 


Well done everyone who took part! Enjoy Mrs Stollery reading 'Stardust' and 'The Wizard of Oz'!