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Friday 5th March 2021

Cursive Handwriting


SPaG task - Optional extra.

If you need to practise adding 'and' watch the SPaG video for some extra practise. 

If you are confident with adding 'and' move straight to English part 2.

English part 1 - SPaG - You are now an expert in knowing how to add and to a sentence to join two clauses.

Today you are going to use your skills as a reader to decide which of two clauses would be the best to add to make an interesting sentence.

Use your knowledge about adding and to help you to choose the best clause, then finish each sentence by writing the full sentence.

English part 2 -  Today we are going to finish writing out fact file about the giraffe. 

We are going to write about where the giraffes live and what they do.

We are going to start the lesson by learning some additional facts about giraffes and using this information to gather ideas about what we are going to write.

We are then going to write about where the giraffes live, remembering to include some interesting adjectives to make our sentences more exciting for the reader.

We will then collect a word bank of adverbs to describe how the giraffes sleep, eat and run. Once we have collected these adverbs we can write about what the giraffes can do.


Remember to check your writing to check that you have achieved all of the aims in the tool kit. 

This is your last piece of home learning writing, make it your best piece of writing ever.


The focus for spellings this week are two diagraphs 'ai' and 'oi'. These sounds  are almost always found in the middle of words, but occasionally at the start of words.


Power Maths Book 1B, Pages 96-98

If your child needs more practice, they can complete page 1 and 2 of the document below;



It's your last afternoon before we start back at school. 

How do you feel about going back to school?

If you have any questions ask your grown ups and talk about your return to school.


Are you ready for Monday morning?


Do you have your school shoes waiting by the door?

Have you packed your school bag? Make sure you have your Power maths book and RWinc books are in your bag ready.

Is your school uniform ready? 

If your P.E kit is not already at school is it ready to return to school?


Have a great weekend and think about how great it will be to see your friends and teachers on Monday.



Story Time