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Friday 5th February 2021

Cursive Handwriting


On Monday, we are going to be writing our own version of the penguin poem but we're going to write about another magnificent creature, humpback whales.


Today's English lesson is about collecting ideas. We will be collecting present tense verbs using the -ing suffix that we will be able to include in our poems. The lesson is in the form of a playlist again today as it includes external videos about Humpback whales. Click on the link and the playlist videos will appear in order. 


As part of the lesson, we will watch a clip of Netflix's Planet Earth show about Humpback Whales and another shorter clip of a whale 'singing'. As you watch the videos, the children can say and/or write down anything they notice the whale doing e.g. swimming, feeding, hunting etc. I will then share my verbs with them and your child can borrow any of my verbs to add to their own ideas. Your child should only borrow verbs from my list that they find interesting and that they think they might like to use in their poem. Throughout we will take care to spell the verbs correctly using the -ing suffix. 

If you are unable to print the worksheet, that is fine, I model using a piece of lined paper in the video. 


Nb. We realise the language in the Humpback Whale video is a bit advanced. The purpose of the video is to watch the whales and observe how they are moving and what they are doing so do not worry about the voiceover, we're not expecting them to understand all that's said.   

Click on the link below to go to the videos (watch in order):

Spelling homework


Pages 55 - 57 - Counting to 50

Maths - Friday 5th February

If your child if finding it tricky and would benefit from some more practice, they can also complete the strengthen challenge. 



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