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Friday 29th January

Daily Timetable

Below are 2 videos for Friday's English lesson.


Remember to bring along:

  • Your story map from yesterday and coloured pencils/pens
  • Some paper
  • A pencil/pen and different colour pen to self-mark your answers.


Video two:

You will need either your tea stained paper you made yesterday, or just some plain paper to create your own Pirate Treasure Map!laugh


29 01 21 English PART 1

28 01 21 English Part 2 How to make a Pirate map


Friday reading video 29 01 21


We're continuing our work on division today in our new Power Maths book (Year 2 Practice Book 2B)

Please watch the video first, then complete the pages of the Power Maths book (the video tells you which pages you need)

Don't forget to write the date at the top of your page and mark your work when you're done enlightened​​​​​​​

29 01 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - 


Here is a message from Mrs Lesslie for today's Music lesson:


Dear Year 2,

In music this week you are going to read a story which is set in the Jungle.  You will listen to a song, sing a song and do some colouring:

Please click on the link below to read ‘The Monkey Puzzle Book’ with a parent:


Next, click on the link below to listen to a song about ‘The Monkey Puzzle’ story:

Try to learn the Macaton signs for at least some of the words


Click on the link below to listen to a jungle song.  It would be lovely if you could sing along too:

‘Down in the Jungle’

When you know the song, open the ‘Down in the Jungle notation file’ and see if you can use your finger to follow the notes over the words.

Next, open the ‘Jungle rhythm’ attachment and clap the rhythms of the jungle animals.  Look at the column on the right to see how we write these rhythms in music.


Finally, I would like you to colour in the jungle picture for me please.  Remember to keep within the lines!

I hope you enjoy!


Mrs Lesslie


4 5 20 Story Time with Miss Bridges - Where the Wild Things are

Daily Physical Challenge

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Daily Creative Challenge 

How To Draw A Cartoon Dolphin