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Friday 26th February 2021

Cursive Handwriting


SPaG -  We are learning the four rules needed to use 'and' correctly to join two clauses.


This is an editing task, watch the video to help Mrs Stollery to edit her sentence following the four rules for adding and correctly to two clauses.

Verbally stop Mrs Stollery when she has made a mistake to help her to correct each mistake.

To show your understanding of using the four rules rewrite one of Mrs Stollery's sentences making sure you have corrected all of her mistakes. 

You only need to write one sentence on the handwriting lines to complete this task, you do not need to copy all of the sentences in the video.


After you have completed this task have a run around for 10 minutes before starting todays English task in Video part 2.



English part 2 -  We start the lesson by retelling the non-fiction text, using actions. 


Today is a focused look at one part of the text - What do they look like?

The first task is to collect adjectives to describe the parts of the lions body. A PDF sheet is prepared to label the parts onto (What do they look like word map), if you can not print this you can draw a picture of a lion to label.


The second task is to write a part of the text using the words collected in your word map.

First you need to write the question - What do they look like?

Then you need to answer the question by using the information remembered from the key text.

You will need to write at least three full sentences, remembering to add 'and' to each sentence.




The focus for spellings this week is compound and multisyllabic words. 

TIP: We recommend clapping the words to break them up into parts.

E.g. bed - room 

       (clap) (clap)


Power Maths Book 1B, Pages 79 - 81

If your child would benefit from some extra practise counting in 5's after yesterday's lesson, they can also complete the activity below:




Story Time