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Friday 1st May 2020

The links on this page will go live at 4pm on Thursday. 

RWI Phonics + Reading (approx 20 mins)

English Task (approx 30 mins) 

Watch Mrs Coyston modelling the example and then use your plan to help you to write your instructions on your own. This is just like you do in school. 

Remember not to just copy from the video. You can use your plan to help you to think of your sentences. You can use the word mat below and your sound mat to help you with spelling. 

Handwriting (approx 20 mins)

Maths Task (approx 30 mins)

You have two activities today:

1) Counting in 2's quiz    Optional extra challenge: Counting in 5's/10's quiz


2) Explore maths games on Maths Shed 

Login via Wonde - Go to Spelling Shed - Go to Maths Shed

Read our guide (click on link below) for guidance on which games to play. 




(Extra Challenge) For those that have also been practising their 5's and 10s:
The counting in 5s quiz is now fixed! Thanks for your patience. 


Our Story time video, quiz and vote are now located on our Year 1 homepage. A new storytime video will be uploaded around midday every weekday. Don't forget to take the quiz afterwards. 


If you miss a storytime, don't worry! You can access previous storytimes from our homepage by clicking on the 'previous storytimes' icon.

Vocabulary Ninja - Word of the Day - WATCH AND JOIN IN WITH MRS CRAY