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Community Club

As part of our RSHE (Relationships, Social, Health Education) curriculum we are able to give some children an opportunity to follow a short course in our community club.  This is a small informal group run by our teaching assistant, Mrs Newell the sessions take place during school time and the course lasts about 6 weeks with further follow up sessions. 

The topics the club aims to cover include:

  • positive self-esteem
  • confidence building
  • empathy for others
  • listening skills
  • being optimistic
  • choose to be happy
  • consequences
  • anger management
  • role play
  • friendships

The club has received positive feedback from Ofsted, staff, parents and children. 

"The 'community club' is an excellent provision for children who need additional support at various stages in their school lives.  The children speak enthusiastically of the skills they have learned, and have an excellent understanding of how the club activities have helped them to express and manage their feelings in an appropriate way."

"Many children that have been to community club are enthused by their learning and are above to support others in class especially with friendship issues. I have seen children become more confident and integrate more fully into the class. (Yr 3/4 Phase Leader)."

"Due to problems at school she would not stay for packed lunch or school dinner but Community Club has helped her confidence and she has been able to stay for the last year."

"It was really great coming back and speaking to all the children about the key things I learnt at community club."

"Respect is how you act towards other people and how you treat them."

If you wish to learn more about the Community Club please use the 'contact us' link on the homepage or call in at the school office.