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Spring 2 Week 2 Timetable

Additional Resources for Children with Special Educational Needs

Miss Campbell, our school SENCO has created an area on the school website to support children with Special Educational Needs. Please ask your child's teacher if you need support accessing any of these materials. 

We're really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March.

As lockdown comes to an end, think back: what have been the best and worst parts of lockdown? Look forward: what would you like to do when lockdown finishes? Who can't you wait to see? (this might be some of your friends at school) 

There is no need to print the worksheet- you might want to talk this through. 

If your children have any questions about coming back to school, they can ask them here and we will do our best to reply. No question is too silly. 

Top Tip 1: Re-introducing the school morning routine

With the children being off for the last couple of months, for some families, routines have been more relaxed. It may be helpful to start bringing back the school morning routine to help your children with bedtimes and waking up times to help their body clock. You may also want to practice the morning routine, getting up and dressed in time for when you would usually be going to school.   


Top Tip 2: Reconnecting with their social bubbles

Some children will naturally feel anxious about going back. It may help your child to reconnect with their friends via video chat. If they start to see their friends, they may not feel as anxious about going back.


Top Tip 3: Listen and Reassure

Encourage an open and honest conversation and listen to their worries. Give them many hugs and let them know that you are there for them. You could ask them to write down or draw how they are feeling. Reassure regarding things that are the same and rehearse changes, keeping it light-hearted and fun. E.g. practising washing hands singing happy birthday as we do at school


Top Tip 4: The weekend before school

You could plan a special day on the day before they go back to school to help them take their minds off going back. Maybe a long walk in your local park or even a picnic in your garden. Ask your child to help you plan their lunches and breakfast for their first day so they feel involved. Help them pack their bags and prepare their uniforms.


Top Tip 5: Returning to school

Give them a plenty of time to wake up and get ready to keep the morning relaxed. You could prepare their favourite breakfast so they have a good meal inside them. 


If they are struggling emotionally, maybe you can put a family photo or note in their book bag so if they feel stressed, they can look at this for comfort or you could write a little note for them in their lunchbox so they know that you are thinking of them.


Top Tip 6: Recharging through down time

In the first week, the children are likely to be quite tired. After school, build in lots of down time from them to relax and recharge. An earlier bedtime that usual may help them to re-energise too.  


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