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It is a statutory requirement to teach RE and at Britannia we take our responsibility very seriously. Throughout the school pupils learn about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Humanism. We are not a church school and do not promote any one religion over another. We are sensitive to the broad range of traditions and beliefs reflected in our school community. However, more emphasis is placed on the teaching of Christianity since this is a statutory requirement and the Christian faith forms the fundamental basis of law and traditional culture in Britain, although Christianity is not promoted as superior to other faiths.

There are two attainment targets. Pupils learn about religion and they learn from religion. They listen to stories from different faiths. They learn about the key teachers and names of gods in all the traditions and they learn about some of the feasts, celebrations and rules of participation. They then consider how these aspects affect the people who follow those traditions. For example; Christian baptism is a welcoming ritual where oil and water are usually poured on a baby’s head and chest. The effect of this is to welcome the child into the Christian family which results in a sense of belonging for the family.

Each faith is taught through a cycle of engagement, enquiry, exploration and evaluation through a key theme.

In Key Stage 1 pupils learn about and from Christianity and Judaism through the following themes:

Believing, Belonging, Prayer and Worship, Leaders and Teachers, Stories and Books, Celebrations and Symbols and Artefacts.

In Key Stage 2 pupils continue to learn about and from Christianity and Judaism. They also learn about and from Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Humanism through the following themes:

Beliefs and Questions, Inspirational People, Teachings and Authority, Religion and the Individual, Religion, Family and Community, Worship, Pilgrimage and Sacred Places, the Journey of Life and Death, Symbols and Religious Expression, Beliefs in Action in the World.

The scheme of work has been developed to run over a two year cycle. This ensures all themes can be studied in sufficient depth. We aim to teach to a very high standard and are proud of the fact that for several years now, RE has consistently been reported to be many pupils’ favourite subject.

Religious Education Curriculum